Dog training in Toulouse

Hello English speaking people !

If you are  looking for a dog trainer fluent in English you are in luck. I relish the opportunity of speaking english given the fact i grew up in Los Angeles .

I learned my method with Catherine Collignon  (Animalin)  and i have worked for 17 years as professional dog trainer.

My lessons cost 250 euros for 8 lessons of 45 minutes. There is a free lesson at first to get to know each other and so i can evaluate your dog’s behaviour.

If you want to train your dog don’t hesitate to call me : 06 32 15 00 91 or send me a mail :

I work every day of the week except Mondays and Sundays in Tournefeuille

I train dogs only using positive reinforcement !

happy puppy with positive education

It consists of rewarding all the behaviours you like and want to see repeated (using treats encouragement and toys) to such an extent that they become a habit for the dog. This method is a lot easier for him to understand then any use of punishment, because lets face it, the dog almost never understands why he is being punished. The idea is to keep it simple and fun, dogs almost always aim to please and its our job to guide them towards the behaviour we are looking for.

I hope using this method that your bond with your dog will grow deeper and that it will help to develop better comunication and trust.

I also offer advice and coaching for resolving household problems and would be happy to give you solutions towards :

  • potty training your puppy
  • household destruction(anxiety seperation)
  • teaching your dog not to jump on people
  • stopping undesired nibbling
  • socialisation (introducing your dog to his peers)

Dog training and clicker training for Toulouse 31 and Cugnaux, Tournefeuille, Colomiers, Plaisance, Villeneuve, Frouzins, Saint Lys, Fonsorbes, Pibrac, Lacroix Falgarde, Muret, Blagnac, Cornebarrieu, Portet-sur-Garonne, Balma …

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